From your diet to your age and your lifestyle habits, several things may affect bone mass.

When you are young, the bone mass increases and everything is well and good. However, things start to go a little downhill as you grow old. After 30 years of age, studies suggest that your bones start to lose mass more rapidly than they gain. And that can eventually result in a number of joint related problems.

You have probably heard of the condition “osteoporosis”. It is a medical condition in which your bones become brittle and doctors all over the world are reporting more and more cases where their patients are suffering from it.

Like we mentioned in the beginning of the article, that there may be several factors why you may suffer from poor bone health. Now the question comes what you can do about it?

Here are a few steps that you can follow to promote better bone health. We advise you to start early and not wait till you start complaining of feeling pain in your joints!

1: Increase the amount of calcium in your diet:

The role that calcium plays in promoting strong healthy bones is known to everybody. Hence, things like calcium supplements, milk, yogurt, kale, broccoli and other calcium-rich foods should make more appearances in your diet. Studies have also shown that gender is a major variable that directly influences your chances of getting osteoporosis with women likely being more prone to it.

Hence, if you are a female reading this post who is concerned about her bone health, you should pay more attention to your calcium intake.

2: Get more physically active:

Studies also suggest that people who remain more active and exercise on the regular are less likely to complain about bone related problems as they age. So if you want to have stronger bones, better put your trainers on and go for a run!

3: Limit your alcohol intake:

Did you know that if you consume more than 2 alcoholic drinks daily, you end up increasing your chances of getting osteoporosis? This may be because alcohol is known to create problems for your body’s ability to absorb calcium…which we know is the leading agent when it comes to healthy bones.

Hence, if you want to enjoy good bone health, you might want to keep tabs on the alcohol you consume!

4: Look into bone supplements:

With so many amazing bone supplements available on the market, you may also ask your doctor to prescribe you one that promotes good bone health. Bone supplements may be prescribed to people who may actually experience joint problems or have mobility issues already. In their case, those bone supplements then help relieve symptoms of joint pain.

While if you are somebody who does not necessarily experience joint problems as of right now, but you may be concerned (due to family history, lifestyle habits like smoking, drinking etc.) you can still ask your doctor to prescribe you a good bone supplement.