4 Super Foods to Include In Your Everyday Diet for Healthy Skin, Hair and Nails

Do you know that our skin, hair and nails give us an indication of how healthy we are according to the diet we are eating? Certain food types that cause our cells to inflame and breakdown end up damaging the elastin, keratin and collagen. These proteins give you fast-growing and strong nails, silky and strong hair, and supple skin.

When there’s too much toxic waste in the body, the body’s health takes a negative turn. Poor diet and stress contribute to brittle nails, dry hair and lackluster skin. The skin starts to sag and wrinkles start appearing faster, whereas the growth of nails and hair is stunted. By including more plant-based foods and vitamins in your diet, you will see a significant change in your overall health.

Following are four super foods that provide amazing skin, hair and nails:

1.     Raw Organic Almonds


A great source of Vitamin E is almonds. It’s a natural anti-oxidant and it supports collagen production. With its anti-inflammatory benefits and the presence of amino acids, it also supports collagen growth that helps provide smooth skin. Raw almonds are alkaline-forming, which helps with detoxification and gives healthy pH levels. Lastly, they also have Biotin, which is great for hair and nails. So, every morning, munch on a few almonds for breakfast and wash them down with a glass of milk.

2.     Orange Root Veggies


Winter squash, pumpkin, carrots and sweet potatoes, all are rich sources of Vitamin A and C. The latter is an anti-oxidant, which lowers stress and helps strengthen bonds of keratin, elastin and collagen. Moreover, Vitamin C combats the production of free radicals, which prevents aging.

When cooking these foods, rather than frying, always bake or steam. This enhances their content of anti-oxidants. Make sure to add a portion to your dinner daily.

3.     Greens


Greens provide you with a plethora of vitamins such as Vitamin A, B, C E and K. Green foods like kale, broccoli, spinach, collards and watercress contain loads of potassium, magnesium and calcium, and these minerals are crucial for keeping our skin, hair and nails healthy. The high content of water in them provides a healthy environment for the body, which is alkaline in nature. This way, the body does not dehydrate and clears itself of toxins. There are a dozen ways to consume these greens and the best one is to use them in green smoothies.

4.     Oats


Whole grains are necessary for your diet. Some of the best super foods that fall under this category are barley, rye, quinoa, black rice and brown rice. Oats contain nutrients such as biotin, other B vitamins and protein. Then there are its anti-inflammatory properties, presence of potassium and magnesium, anti-oxidants and lastly fiber. All these help lower inflammation, reduces stress and clear the skin. Oats are a great breakfast meal. For added flavor, soak them overnight and eat a bowl in the morning with coconut yoghurt.

So, there you go… four super foods that you can eat for breakfast, dinner and on the go. It’s time you changed your diet and included these healthy food options in it. Trust us, you won’t regret it!

5 Reasons Why Iron Is the Best Supplement for Your Health and Skin

The moment people hear the word supplements, their mind immediately goes to various types of side effects they might encounter due to them. Granted, if you abuse the supplements, you might experience some discomfort but they most certainly do not represent a health hazard.

Let’s talk about our lives in general. Every day, we are bombarded with dozens of problems, some of which are under our control and some aren’t. It’s the latter that usually keeps us busy and makes us forgot about taking care of our health. The two everyday problems we face are fatigue and exhaustion. The constant running back and forth to keep up with the hectic schedule, forgetting to eat lunch and then picking at your dinner… all this usually results in an iron deficiency.

The Use of Iron

So, what exactly is iron and why does our body need it?

Iron is the key nutrient that the body requires in order to carry out daily activities. When you have an inadequate diet, your body preserves around 25% of iron for future use. However, this gets used up quite easily. A few main functions of iron include production of red blood cells, enzymes and hemoglobin, and metabolization of proteins.

Iron is divided into three areas of our body: 70% is found in myglobin and hemoglobin. The former protein helps release oxygen in the cells and the former protein helps transport oxygen, 5% is helps in enzymatic reactions and the remaining 25% is stored in the cells.

Benefits of Iron

1.     Improves Muscle Function

As mentioned earlier, iron helps transport oxygen to the muscles, which allows contraction. Without any oxygen, the muscles lose their elasticity and tone. This weakens the muscles and lack of hemoglobin causes anemia.

2.     Increases Brain Function

Iron is the key mineral that helps with brain function. Let’s have a look at the cycle: Iron boosts hemoglobin, which helps transport oxygen. The blood carries this oxygen and delivers to different cells and body parts. 20% of this blood oxygen is used up by the brain. When the body performs this cycle efficiently, our cognitive activity is stimulated. This creates neural pathways that prevent cognitive disorders such as Alzheimer’s disease and dementia.

3.     Brings a Healthy Glow to Your Skin

Dark circles and pale skin are signs of anemia. They are caused by iron deficiency, when the hemoglobin levels decrease. A reduction in RBCs slows down the flow of oxygen to the skin. This makes the skin appear sallow and unhealthy. There are various iron-rich foods that can restore this glow but if you fail to include the right amount in your diet, a supplement is the next best option.

4.     Eliminates Fatigue

Chronic fatigue is something that both women and men encounter everyday in their life. This can be easily eliminated with an iron supplement. Women often lose a lot of blood during pregnancy and menstruation. By using iron supplements, they can increase their RBCs and pregnant women can keep themselves and their baby healthy.

5.     Speeds Up the Wound Healing Process

With proper supply of oxygen to the RBCs, iron can help speed up wound healing. When hemoglobin transports oxygen, the cells also receive other nutrients, which is how a wound starts healing properly. Without it, an injury might result in infection.

The benefits of iron supplements are numerous. You might not feel the lack of energy due to iron deficiency now but you will feel the changes in your body after your iron reservoir finishes. So, if you can’t maintain a diet that is packed with iron, better start taking iron supplemmts.