Garlic has been used for centuries as a part of our foods. But, do you know that it helps in keeping your heart healthy and free from diseases?

Scientists have been researching on garlic and its effects on heart health since the 1950s. It has shown to reduce the risk of heart diseases such as atherosclerosis, thrombosis, high blood pressure, and elevated levels of cholesterol. For the people who are looking for broad ranged cardiovascular benefits, garlic extract is a must-have in their daily lives, as validated from clinical studies.

Cardio-Protective Effects of Garlic

Garlic is highly rich in unique sulfur compounds that gives it its unique taste, scent, and the beneficial health effects. In a review published in the Journal of Nutrition in 2016, the benefits of garlic for the heart were cited. These included the following:

  • Reduction in systolic blood pressure
  • Reduction in diastolic blood pressure
  • Reduction in total cholesterol
  • Reduction in C-reactive proteins that cause inflammation
  • Improved pulse wave velocity
  • Reduced progression rates of corona artery calcium

Garlic Extract – The Magical Potent Form of Garlic

For the people who are not able to consume a healthy amount of garlic, garlic extract supplements are available in the market. Different forms of garlic are used on the preparation of these extracts and supplements, but the best one that has the most benefits for the heart is the one made from aged garlic. The long-term aging of garlic without heat in diluted alcohol produces S-allyl and S-allylcysteine compounds that have highly effective oxidant reducing qualities. A number of other beneficial compounds are also produced in the aging process of garlic.

The effects of using garlic extract are remarkable. The most compelling effect of using aged garlic extract is its ability of reversing early heart diseases. This is achieved by its ability to strip the artery walls of deadly plaque buildup that is the main cause of many heart diseases. The people taking garlic extract regularly also have a lower rate of accumulation of the total plaque as compared to others.

Inhibits Inflammation

Aged garlic extract is also known to inhibit inflammation that helps prevent heart diseases and the buildup of plaque. The anti-atherosclerotic effects of garlic extract help in preventing heart diseases caused by unhealthy lifestyle and eating habits.

Reduced Cholesterol Levels

High levels of unhealthy cholesterol can create a havoc in your body, especially your heart. With garlic extract taken regularly, the levels of cholesterol are kept under check which keeps your heart active and healthy. It also helps prevent low-grade inflammation that is the main cause of many cardiovascular diseases.

Lower Blood Pressure

Garlic extract has also been found to keep your blood pressure in the healthy range. Aged garlic extract has been found to reduce the systolic blood pressure by an average of 4.1 mmHg.


Garlic has been long known for its cardio-protective qualities. However, the scientific validation of the benefits it has for the heart did not begin until the 1950s. Garlic extract helps prevent your heart against heart disease risk factors and keeps you healthy and active.