While any time of the year may bring with it certain things that can trigger allergies, fall is often ranked as one tough season for some people. All that raking of leaves to do to get your porch looking presentable again is bound to lead to some itchy eyes and endless sneezing.

So, which one of us is more susceptible to get an allergic reaction during this time of the year?

Well, if you are sensitive to mold or ragweed pollen, you have got to be a lot more careful about things during fall. If you thought spring is the only time where pollen is everywhere, you thought wrong. Did you know that just one ragweed plant can end up producing almost a billion pollen grains?

And that’s just one single ragweed plant we are talking about.

On the other hand, you have mold to watch out for. Who would have thought that all those damp fallen leaves which you get during autumn might be one of the most favorite places of mold to grow at!

So, now you know what to watch out for, the next thing to focus is what to do about it. If it is pollen that’s got you worried, then in addition to keeping the windows and doors closed to keep all the pollen out, try not to bring any inside it with yourself too! Cardigans, shoes etc. should all be taken off before you enter the house. And just to be on the safer side, you might also not want to line dry your laundry. You do not want any pollen to come inside the house.

If mold is your enemy, then make sure you take your raking duties very seriously. No damp leaves on the ground means giving mold zero chance to grow near your place and string trouble for you. Using a dehumidifier inside the house is also a great and super effective measure to keep your house’s insides mold-free as well.

In case, you still get an allergy during fall, there are some great products out there that can help relieve allergic symptoms. Marco Pharma’s Allernest is highly recommended. For adults, the recommended dose is 10 drops every 15 minutes on your tongue (you can even take it with water) till the allergic symptoms go away.

When you start noticing the symptoms getting better, you may take Allernest’s drops less frequently. For children, the dose is half of what you would give to an adult suffering from an allergic reaction.

With Marco Pharma’s Allernest, you should expect an improvement in the symptoms soon enough, but if for some reason, the symptoms do not go away, please do not hesitate in consulting your doctor at your earliest.

It is your health after all, you cannot take it lightly.