There may be several reasons why you may have an allergic reaction to something.

From food to various changes in the environment and a bunch of other things in between may spark an allergic reaction. Our immune system helps us avoid getting sick. Every foreign substance that it detects is fought via anti-bodies. On the other hand, when your immune system picks up a foreign substance and mistakenly interprets it as harmful even when it is not, you may experience allergic symptoms.

The allergic reactions themselves may vary from mild to life-threatening (anaphylaxis)!

Hence, it only makes sense that you should be prepared to deal with it, if the need ever arises. In life-threatening allergic reactions, please get emergency help.

Allergic Symptoms:

Different types of allergies exhibit different types of allergic symptoms, while there are certain allergic symptoms that may be common to more than one type of allergies. For example, skin irritation is one allergic symptom that is common when you are allergic to something in the environment, or you have an allergy to a particular kind of food or even when you are allergic to a particular type of drug/medicine!

Now that you know a little about allergic reactions and the resultant symptoms, let us look into what you can do about them.

OTC Antihistamines and Decongestants:

In most cases, over-the-counter allergic supplements may be just the thing for you. Allergic supplements that fall under these categories are great at providing minor allergic symptom relief. For seasonal allergies, decongestants are better recommended since they help you clear your nose whereas somebody who breaks into hives would find antihistamines to do a better job. Antihistamines block histamine receptors which consequently stops the body from reacting to the allergen.

Several topical creams containing corticosteroids can also be used for relieving several common allergic symptoms like itching, swelling etc.

Supplements for allergies are available in different forms: nasal sprays, tablets, eye drops etc. Plus, most of these OTC anti-allergic medications may cause you to feel a little drowsier than usual. Hence, it would not be a great idea to take an anti-allergic and go driving.

Rest is important.

Also, when you buy any OTC supplement for allergic reaction, please read the instructions and recommended doses for adults and children. This is especially important because different supplements carry different sets of instructions with them and it is imperative that you know what they are. For example, decongestants are not to be taken for more than three days because the body then becomes dependent on them.

Supplements for allergic reactions are generally very effective and help relieve several allergic symptoms in just a few days. However, if you are unable to find relief through these supplements, please consult your doctor at your earliest.