Your body is a temple and so, you should worship it like one. One of the most dangerous health problems that can make your life dull is diabetes. Though there is no cure for diabetes, with balance in your diet and lifestyle habits, and exercise, it can go into remission. Meaning, even though the body doesn’t show any signs of diabetes, it is still present but dormant.

What Causes Diabetes?

Most of our health problems are associated with eating fatty foods and being obese. The high amount of fatty acids in our body leads to an increase in blood sugar level. This sugar level is controlled by insulin, a hormone that is created by the pancreas. With the help of insulin, glucose enters the cells, where it is broken down for producing energy. However, when you have diabetes, the insulin either becomes sugar resistant or is not produced enough to provide the energy needed by the body.

Many people think that if they have diabetes, they won’t be able to eat their favorite food. However, that’s not the case. Yes, maintaining your diabetes is about avoiding certain food items but you can still enjoy your favorites… just in small amounts.

Following are 5 worst food items that diabetics should avoid:

1.     Fruit Smoothies

A fruit smoothie can be very nutritious, especially when you have a hectic work schedule. However, loaded with sugar and carbs and absolutely no healthy fats or proteins, it will definitely spike your blood sugar level.

2.     White Bread

White bread falls under refined grain, which contains high amount of carbohydrates. This can lead to an increase in blood sugar level, so better swap it for whole grain bread.

3.     French Fries

Yes, French fires are a big no-go for diabetics. You can eat potatoes but the reason why French fries must be avoided is because they are high in fats and carbs. Both of them increase the blood sugar level and keep it elevated for awhile because the fat takes longer to digest.

4.     Sports Drinks

For diabetics, cold water is their best friend. Even if you are highly active and go to the gym on a regular basis, you should avoid drinking sports drinks. They are high in added sugars, sodium and calories, which is basically a dangerous concoction for diabetics.

5.     Frozen Dinners

A diet is not just about cutting back on sugar and carbs. You need to have a long, hard look on your salt intake too. Salt helps lower blood pressure, which in turn reduces the risk of stroke or heart attack. Since frozen dinners are swimming in sodium, preservatives, and flavor enhancers, it is best to avoid them.

Today, according American Diabetes Association, more than 9.4% of the US population has diabetes. A high percentage of this population is adults and teenagers. With people being more interested in fast food rather than eating home meals, this number is expected to rise in the future. In order for people to avoid getting this life threatening disease, they need to focus on their diet, as well as their lifestyle. It’s time to start monitoring what you eat, so that you can live a healthy life.