ADHD – Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder is a hard condition to live with. Thankfully, with the development of modern medicine, it has become easier for kids to focus on daily life activities.

What exactly is ADHD?

It’s a medical condition in which a kid’s brain develops slowly and this affects their attention, self-control and ability to sit in one place. These habits slowly make way into their home and school life, and friendships.

ADHD Requires You to Be a “Great” Parent”

If your child has ADHD, the word “good” is too small to ensure his happiness now, as well as in the future. Being a great parent is easier said than done. However, a few small changes in your behaviour and how you handle your child can make a world of difference in how they will shape out to be. Following are a few interactions that you should incorporate in your parenting rules when dealing with your kid:

1.     Accept Your Child’s Imperfections

Every mother loves her child and in their eyes, they are perfect. Children are very empathic. They can sense when their parents are disappointed or happy with them. In the case of ADHD, children are a bit more sensitive. Your pessimistic behaviour about their future and whether they will be able to make it in the world or not, is what lowers their self-esteem and destroys their can-do spirit. In all this, you are forgetting their exceptional energy, interpersonal skills and creativity. With proper motivation and coaxing, you can help them shine in areas where they can prove to be hidden gems and work wonders.

2.     Exercise Self-Control When It Comes to Reprimanding Them

A common sentence that most parents unknowingly often say is, “Did you forget to take your medication?” While it might seem to be a question said out of frustration on their part, it can really lower a child’s self-esteem. For them, this sentence indicates that the only way they can function properly is through medicine. What you need to do is teach them self-control and apply the same rules to yourself. Patience is key, and when it comes to your child, this key should be around your neck at all times.

3.     Understand the Difference between Punishment and Discipline

We all assume that discipline and punishment means physically reprimanding the child on their misbehaviour. In the case of a child with ADHD or any child for that matter, abuse should never be the mode of punishment. Here’s how both terms are defined:

  • Discipline: Using positive reinforcement to direct the child towards acceptable behaviour when they do something inappropriate
  • Punishment: Using shame and fear to teach the child a lesson

As explained earlier, you need to have patience when it comes to your child. Instead of taking the punishment route, begin with discipline and then come up with a reward system that will motivate positive behaviour.

You need to have some kind of reliable support system, which your child can follow. A kid with ADHD needs directions at every step of the way until they are able to handle a situation on their own. They might not voice out their thoughts and this is when you should be by their side with unwavering support. The ability to spot the difficulties is what makes you a great parent.