Raise your hand if you are a morning person? If yes, then you are probably big on breakfast. However, as soon as you take that last bite, you feel bloated, just like a balloon. There’s no shame in admitting that after sometime you need a cup of coffee to poop. It’s high time you did something about this instead of relying on your good ol’ stretchy pants.

So, who’s the culprit?

It’s your digestive system in all its irregular glory causing cramping, constipation and bloating. When your stomach becomes sensitive to certain food types, the immune system, which is linked to your gut, starts acting up. This discomfort leads to inflammation and prevents your body from absorbing necessary nutrients such as minerals, amino acids and vitamins.

So, to kick start your day on a good note, we have come up with 5 breakfast food items that will support your digestive system and keep you healthy:

1.     Chia Seeds


Chia seeds are considered as one of the super foods because it promotes bowel regularity. They are rich in magnesium, which promotes muscle contractions by smoothing the tissue around the intestinal wall. This allows you to remove waste from your system easily.

Chia seeds have a coating of phytic acid which takes longer to break once digested. By soaking Chia seeds in water, this coating softens, which keeps you satiated for a long time. This Chia Seed Pudding recipe features Chia seeds soaked in milk overnight to make a more thick and creamy pudding.

2.     Papaya


The digestive enzyme “Papain” in papaya is what improves your appetite and boosts digestive function. While it helps in digesting nutrients, it also digests protein, which cleans your intestines. The good think is it can be eaten raw, cooked or blended to form a smoothie. This Papaya Boat with Granola and Yogurt allows you to make a healthy and delicious breakfast in just five steps.

3.     Pineapple


The enzyme “Bromelain” in pineapple also aids in digesting protein. In fact, pineapple juice helps reduce inflammation of the GI tract. It is also believed that its juice can kill intestinal parasites that disrupt your digestive system. This sweet fruit can be used anyhow in salads, smoothies, and even chicken dishes. Here’s a great recipe for a Green Piña Colada Smoothie, which you can try with any type of leafy greens.

4.     Flaxseeds


Flaxseeds are popular for their mild laxative effect that helps promote bowel regularity and relieve constipation. Flaxseeds also have soluble fibres that keep you satiated for a long time. It has various health benefits, including but not limited to controlled cholesterol level, blood pressure, blood sugar, and body weight. Here’s a recipe for Flax Seed Zucchini Bread that contains just 60 calories but is extremely fulfilling.

5.     Coconut Oil


Coconut oil helps improve digestion and is much lighter than canola or sunflower oil. It contains lauric acid, which is an antimicrobial that helps destroy yeast and bacteria in your GI tract. Ever heard about coffee with coconut oil? Try this Coconut Oil Coffee recipe for breakfast and kick start your day with lots of energy.

So there you go… five delicious breakfast recipes that will not only improve your mornings but your appetite too throughout the day.