It can be difficult keeping track of the nutrients you have consumed throughout the week and the nutrient that you are missing out on. A healthy diet is a physiological necessity for optimum body functioning. However, fail to do so and you are prone to developing various micronutrient deficiencies that may lead to medical conditions and impaired function. You can prevent all of these vitamin deficiencies easily by taking a daily recommended dose of multivitamin. One multivitamin a day is all you need to secure yourself from all the vitamin deficiency induced illnesses. However, the necessity of multivitamins is often disputed.

To bring some clarity to the subject, let’s go through some reasons for why multivitamins are necessary:

1. Recovery from illnesses

Vitamins have a crucial biochemical role in our bodies. Many of these vitamins work as co-factors for enzymes that facilitate some important chemical reactions in the body. When we are sick, the body is under stress and does not perform optimally. In this time of recovery, vitamins are needed in order to recover quickly and completely. If you are short on vitamins, recovery might be delayed. Studies infer that when you consume multivitamins during sickness, it can help provide your body of all the micronutrients it needs to recuperate.

2. Muscle strength

Free radicals are extremely harmful for the body and can even cause cancer due to their highly reactive nature. Muscle aging is one of the areas that can be caused by the free radical damage. Rate of muscle aging can increase in the presence of free radicals. Multivitamins that contain an ample amount of antioxidants are ideal to counter this destructive effect and keep the free radicals in a safe limit. Studies even suggest that Vitamin D can increase muscle strength in older people.

3. Short term memory

Do you ever enter a room and forget why you came here? Or can’t remember where you put your phone or wallet? If so, then this short term memory lag can be contributed to a deficiency of micronutrients in the body. An analysis consisting of placebo controlled trials has shown that multivitamin can significantly boost your short term memory.

4. Detoxification

Most of us have accumulated an unhealthy quantity of toxins in our body that is deposited inside our adipose tissue, muscles and other locations. These toxins can kill the useful bacteria in the gut which can impair digestion. They can also hinder oxygen from binding to the red blood cells, interfere with DNA synthesis and block enzymes from carrying out their normal functions. Additionally, toxins may even block the absorption of vitamins and minerals. Taking a multivitamin that is rich in antioxidants, minerals and B-complex vitamins can help clear the toxins out from your body and take that load off your liver.

5. Skin and allergies

It is seen that the people who are vulnerable to particular allergens or those who have asthma have abnormally low quantities of zinc, selenium vitamin C and magnesium. These deficiencies can be taken care of with a daily multivitamin. Additionally, studies suggest that multivitamins can allow your skin to look younger and healthier, thanks to vitamin C, vitamin E and beta-carotene.