Cannabidiol (CBD) has slowly taken over the world and surprisingly, the wellness sector seems to be the one who has warmed up to it the most!

In fact, CBD has been popping up in many things from lotions to lattes. Yes, even coffee! Most of you might recognize this term in connection with marijuana. However, unlike marijuana, this compound is legally available in many states, 46 to be exact, including the US’s capital Washington, DC.

CBD 101 – Understanding the Fundamentals

The one thing that complicates the understanding of cannabis is the plant’s pharmacology. So, to help you understand the basics, here’s the explanation in layman terms:

“The reason why CBD lacks any kind of psycho-activity is because the compound is inert. It’s the THC cannabinoid that has the legendary power and strength to produce euphoric sensations.”

Weed that does not have any traces of THC is called hemp, which is used for medical and therapeutic purposes. So, when talking about the sources of CBD, there are two options: marijuana and hemp plant.

The Difference

CBD and weed is not the same thing. The THC content in the weed will give you a euphoric high but CBD does not affect the body in such a way. When weed is consumed, the THC in it interacts with the CB1 receptor which is located in the peripheral and central nervous system. This changes the way your brain functions and gets you in a high state. However, both THC and CBD offer the same medical benefits. CBD does not interact with the CB1 receptor, which is why it will not get you high.

CBD Produces a Smoother and More Balanced High

When it comes to recreational use, the only problem CBD users have is that it doesn’t get them high enough. On the other hand, THC induces feelings of anxiety and paranoia once the high wears off. People go through negative mood alterations, which is the most common symptom of any drug.

The good thing about CBD is that is can be used to inhibit THC toxicity, which allows you to balance yourself. Those erratic thoughts and behaviors can be eliminated with a little change in what you are smoking.

CBD has been approved as the best therapeutic candidate through various studies. Diseases that were once thought incurable or hard to manage can now be maintained well with CBD. It can stop epileptic seizures and even slow down its frequency, it can treat neurological diseases such as Multiple Sclerosis, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s, it can relieve pain and reduce inflammation, it can treat mood disorders and most important of all, it can fight cancer. Today, more and more people are opting for CBD therapy as opposed to chemotherapy.

CBD Products

You can now find CBD in almost any type of product. As mentioned earlier, apart from beauty and health products, there are also CBD oils and vaporizers. In order for the public to consume it easily, various food items have been infused with CBD, so that they can use them discreetly for medical purposes.

Since, CBD has a calming effect on the THC compound; several companies have developed a new strain of Cannabidiol, which has a higher ratio of CBD than THC. These strains include Katelyn Faith, Remedy, Harlequin, ACDC, Cannatonic and Charlotte’s Web.

If you think about it, CBD is the cannabis compound that promises more room for innovation. After all, it has a gentle reaction and still enough power to treat serious medical grade problems.